The Benefits of Methadone Maintenance Treatment - 8 Reasons to Consider Methadone

Methadone saves lives.

It's not a perfect medication, it's not without side effects, and it's not for everyone – but methadone maintenance treatment (MMT) offers significant advantages over the use of heroin or the illicit abuse of prescription opiates. If you or someone you love needs help for an opiate addiction, methadone maintenance treatment deserves consideration.

8 Reasons to Consider Methadone Maintenance Treatment

1. Methadone works very well.

Studies show that nothing works better than methadone for keeping opiate addicts away from the use of heroin or other opiate medications. Methadone provides complete relief from withdrawal symptoms -- and while appropriately medicated, you won’t feel any need or desire to use other opiates.

2. Methadone maintenance treatment costs less than other forms of addiction treatment

The entry costs to a methadone maintenance treatment program are relatively low. Methadone will give you complete relief for 24 hours for the price of a few coffees at Starbucks. Anyone switching from illicit drug use to methadone will save a lot of money each month.

3. You will get and stay healthy while in methadone maintenance treatment

Most people who stabilize on methadone start to feel much healthier. The abuse of heroin or pills isn’t often associated with a healthy lifestyle -- but once you are on methadone you'll start to eat, sleep, exercise and take care of yourself a lot better.

Additionally, you will never share a needle while taking methadone. Methadone maintenance treatment greatly decreases the odds of contracting HIV, hepatitis, or other diseases associated with IV drug use.

4. You won’t need to break the law

Methadone is legal, and while you are enrolled in a legitimate methadone maintenance treatment program you have every right to use it. If you are using heroin or illegally procured prescription medications, you're risking a lot -- with methadone, you have no need to fear arrest, prosecution, or jail time.

Additionally, an opiate addiction gets expensive, and a lot of addicts find that they need to resort to criminal activities to come up with enough money to keep from experiencing withdrawal symptoms. You won't need to break the law to pay for methadone.

5. You'll feel better and you'll feel stable enough to put your life back together

Methadone works very well as an addiction treatment because of the even and long-lasting relief it offers – a polar-opposite experience from the up and down emotional bounces of an addiction to heroin and other illicit opiates.

Methadone doesn't affect your coordination or your ability to think, and it won’t get you high. On methadone, you'll be able to drive a car, handle your responsibilities, and pursue an education or career. When you are in a methadone maintenance treatment program, you will be able to rebuild your life and take care of yourself and those who depend upon you.

6. You'll be in daily contact with people that can help you

One of the most often mentioned drawbacks of methadone maintenance treatment -- the fact that you must go to a clinic each day to take your medication -- can also work as a great advantage for someone who is in the early stages of recovery.

A daily scheduled trip to a methadone clinic provides a certain structure to people who are often reeling from the chaos of addiction. Getting up each morning and getting to the clinic helps to keep you focused on healthy and proactive activities, and also puts you in regular contact with therapists and healthcare workers who can help you.

7. Pregnant opiate addicts and their babies do much better on methadone

Methadone increases the odds of a successful pregnancy and the delivery of a healthy baby. Opiate withdrawal symptoms put the fetus at risk, but these symptoms are eliminated in women who are in methadone maintenance treatment. Additionally, pregnant women on methadone tend to get much better neonatal and prenatal care than do pregnant women who continue to abuse heroin or other opiates.

Although women who find themselves pregnant often wish to "get clean" from opiates right away, the process of withdrawal is just too dangerous for the unborn child. Methadone is a doctor-recommended treatment for pregnant women who have been abusing heroin or other opiates.

8. You are much less likely to die while on methadone

Using heroin or abusing prescription opiates puts your life in jeopardy. The risk of overdose, disease, or an intoxication-caused accident greatly increases your risk of death – in fact, opiate addicts who are not on methadone are more than three times more likely to die than are people who are getting methadone maintenance treatment.

Is Methadone Right for You?

Not everyone likes methadone maintenance treatment. Some people find the side effects difficult to handle, and some people dislike the daily commitment needed to take the medication. But nobody can argue that methadone doesn’t work. No other drug works better than methadone for eradicating the cravings and symptoms of opiate withdrawal.

If you take methadone as directed, and participate in some form of continuing counseling, therapy, or support group meetings, you will get your life back. You'll be able to hold down a job, take care of your family, and regain your health.

Methadone has saved a lot of lives over the years, and perhaps it can save yours, too. To get answers to any questions you have about methadone maintenance treatment (or for information on where to find methadone in your area) call 888-471-0430.

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