Best THC Detox Drinks for passing a drug test

THC and drug tests

Many of us have wondered how much time is needed in order to expel THC from our body. If only we could know what is the best detox drink to pass a urine drug test! Well, actually, we can help with that choice but firstly let's take a look at the type of drug tests there are.

THC so far can be detected in saliva, blood, hair and urine. Scientists keep trying to invent more accurate, cheaper and non-invasive methods like detection in the sweat of our fingertips. The urine test is a very common method, quite accurate and easy to use and you can even do it at home. There are two types of tests in the market: with dipstick and with pipette and cassette. The easiest type is the dipstick where you just immerse the dipstick into the urine sample and you get a positive result for a content of THC equal or more than 50 nanograms. The second type of test could even provide a hint of a medium or high content of THC. THC is detectable in our urine for 2 days to one month after use, depending of the amount and frequency of use.

Detoxing from THC

Detoxing from THC either because you just want to quit using it or when you just want to pass a drug test to get that job is a process that requires motivation and also the right tools. There are many remedies out there that promise to help you detox fast, so finding the best detox drink for THC drug test may be a tricky job. Most THC detox drinks work by flushing THC out of our system temporarily.

They actually amplify our body's natural cleansing function. Their work is similar to that of a cleansing supplement and they also provide our organism with minerals, electrolytes and vitamins. They are supposed to mask the THC metabolites in urine but only for a limited period of time. If your goal is to pass a drug test, you should keep in mind that detox drinks should be consumed 60-90 minutes before the test or, depending on the drink, even some days before the test. And remember that their effect lasts only for a few hours. You should expect frequent urination after drinking them.

THC detox drinks

THC detox drinks are so popular that it is quite difficult to choose the right drink for you. The following table has only a couple among the most popular detox drinks. Most of them contain herbal extracts, electrolytes, minerals and vitamins and you need to drink them at the day of the drug test in order for it to be effective. They have many positive reviews and they all need about an hour to show the desirable result. There is an endless list of popular products like stinger detox on Family Medicine for America's Health website:

Name How long does it last? Ingredients
Herbal Clean Qcarbo32 1 to 5 hours Alfalfa Leaf Extract Bromelain Cayenne Pepper Extract Turmeric Root Extract Guarana Seed Extract etc.
Clear Choice Rescue 5 hours or more Calcium Biotin Manganese Selenium Niacin Riboflavin etc.
Detoxify Mega Clean Works within an hour, lasts 5 hours or more Vitamins and Minerals Electrolytes Hawthorne Berry etc.

If you want to find out more on the existing THC detox kits to pass a drug test, visit Clevescene.

Homemade Detox Drinks for Drug test

While detoxing using a detox drink is the fastest and easiest way to flush out THC from your body, there is also a cheaper and more natural way to go, by making home remedies yourself. But how can you make a detox cleanse drink for weed at home?

Here are two popular recipes to try at home:

Cranberry juice

If you are keen on making your own home remedy, cranberry juice would be the first option. Produce 2 liters of cranberry juice and make sure to consume two glasses every few hours. Do not consume it at once. This is supposed to be consumed in 24 hours, the day prior to the test. Cranberry juice is effective since:

  • it is a natural diuretic
  • it contains antioxidants
  • it is low cost
  • it tastes amazing

An alternative to the natural cranberry juice is the azo cranberry pills, which offer all the properties of cranberry in a pill.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Another popular marijuana cleanser drink is apple cider vinegar which you can find at home. Containing many antibacterial agents, it promotes detoxification naturally.

How to produce:

  • Distilled water (about 8 ounces)
  • Raw (unfiltered) apple cider vinegar (1 to 2 tablespoons)
  • Add a sweetener of your choice (honey, stevia, sugar)

Mix the ingredients and get an organic cleanser that you should consume carefully and in moderation (ideally two tablespoons per day).

As far as home remedies are concerned, most people wonder if another popular herbal remedy, detox tea, can work for cannabis. The answer is that tea is also a diuretic agent and could help increase the frequency of urination and flushing THC compounds out of your system.

A common concern is if these practices are safe to use in the long term. Keep in mind that when drinking diuretic agents you are in danger of dehydration, so you should always increase water intake when you urinate more to avoid dehydration. That said, before you choose any detox drink, you should always consult your doctor.


  • Do detox drinks work for all drugs?

    No. Actually detox drinks are just a way to detoxify yourself when you want to stop using a drug. However, addiction and withdrawal symptoms are often serious issues that you should discuss with a specialized professional who can help you achieve detoxification in the safest way possible. Some drugs are very dangerous to quit abruptly and trying to do so by using detox drinks voluntarily could endanger your health.

  • Can Detox Drink Be Detected by a Drug Test

    The drink itself and its compounds normally can not be detected, however changes both in creatinine levels and in your urine color could raise suspicions.

  • Do Detox Drinks expire?

    Absolutely. Detox drinks are products containing compounds that can not stay unchanged forever. You should always advise the expiration label and consume it wisely, according to the instructions of usage.

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