Few drugs pull you in like heroin. Feeling impossibly good at first, heroin quickly traps you into continued use with withdrawal symptoms that begin only hours after a last dose and that never let you forget about your daily needs.

Few drugs are harder to quit without proper medical supervision, and few drugs can destroy your health, your relationships, and your finances as completely as heroin can. With heroin, everything else comes in second -- nothing matters as much as getting high every day.

Whether it's arrest and incarceration, the loss of family, HIV or Hepatitis C infection ,or even an overdose death, eventually heroin will make users pay.

Heroin Users Can Come from Anywhere

In decades past, most heroin use was concentrated in poor urban areas -- but today's average heroin user doesn’t fit any such neat demographic profile. Heroin is cheaper and stronger than ever. Today's heroin can be snorted as easily as it can be injected, and the 100,000 or so people who will start using heroin this year are just as likely suburban moms or rural high school kids as inner city "junkies."

There are hundreds of thousands of heroin users in the United States, and millions of others are abusing illicit opiates. In today's America, opiate addicts come from all walks of life.

  • Maybe it's a person who started off with a seemingly innocent experimentation with pain pills, a person surprised to find herself using heroin only months later after being unable to get the pills she has become dependent on.
  • Maybe it's someone who started off with OxyContin after getting injured on the job, and as his tolerance and addiction grew, found that he could no longer afford the street price of the medication and switched to much cheaper heroin instead.

Regardless of their reasons for starting, all heroin addicts share one common characteristic: They need help.

Heroin Treatment Works

Addiction treatment works, and the longer people remain in treatment, the better their odds of success become. Opiate addicts have a number of evidence-based treatments that work well. Some of them cost very little, and all of them cost less than a continuing opiate addiction does.

Urine test results can sometimes be unclear, false positive, or false negative. You can have the urine analysis retaken in this scenario. You should also be aware that some medications might cause false positives, so tell the tester if you're using any prescription or OTC meds. Urine tests are now routinely administered as part of the pre-employment screening process. The quickest way to get rid of urine analysis is to use a detox drink Champ flush drink to cleanse your system for the day or permanently.

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